The Owl,

the Vest and Us

Welcome to Owl Vest, a company built on the foundation of helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle smartly. We are an up-and-coming company focusing on providing our customers the highest quality, healthy natural food and traditional Chinese herbs.

The Owl


In every aspect of their lives, people search for something (or someone) to guide them towards the right path. It can be their careers, academics or health, people need something to inspire them and guide them, the wisdom to do what is right and good. They need to be shown the way towards a healthy and smart lifestyle and this is where Owlvest comes in. Our healthy 100% natural food is perfect to revitalize your mind and body, to give you the nutrients and the energy to excel in every aspect of your life.

The Vest


Our bodies need protection not just from external threats but from internal threats as well. Our cells (or antibodies) are constantly at war, protecting us from harmful germs and bacteria. These antibodies need your assistance in providing them a constant backup of nutrients and minerals. In order to keep the antibodies able and healthy to continue their undaunted protection of your body, Owlvest gives you products that are full of powerful and healthy nutrients and minerals.

And Us

Owlvest welcomes you to a family of healthy natural products. Our brand name, Owlvest, is derived from two words, Owl and Vest. We chose the ‘owl’ as it is the animal that represents wisdom, whereas the ‘vest’ is for symbolizing protection. Wisdom and Protection, the two abilities that every person looks for in their everyday lives and this is exactly what we at Owl Vest offer our customers through our products.

Our flagship product, Mr. Oats, is a premium oat bran powder made from oats imported from Scotland. Having 20% more beta glucan when compared to ordinary oat and full of dietary fibre, Mr. Oats is the superfood to superpower your body towards a healthy lifestyle smart.