Our Mission – Build a Healthy Lifestyle Smart

At Owlvest, it is our mission to be the leaders in the marketing and distribution of the most natural, healthy food products in the market. We fulfill the standards of quality through sustainability, consistency, dependability and the best customer support services.

We realize that the best way to build and sustain an honest and fair relationship with our customers is to provide them with dependable products that are effective at providing them the health benefits we promise. Owl Vest is a name you can count on to give you the health benefits of empowering your mind with wisdom and your body with protection.

Our Motto

‘Build a Healthy Lifestyle Smart’ emphasizes our goal of going beyond simply selling a line of food products. We go beyond that as our purpose is to help support the health of the people and the planet we live on. Our core values are not written on a webpage for people to skim through; these are our guiding principles and are the basis of our decision making.

Our Core Values

  • Giving our customers the highest quality, healthy and natural products
  • Supporting and serving the global and local community
  • Practicing the best environmental policies for the planet
  • Nourishing and delighting our customers with the healthiest food products
  • Supporting an excellent and happy workplace environment

Our brand name, Owlvest, is derived from two words, Owl and Vest. Where the ‘Owl’ embodies the symbol of wisdom, the ‘Vest’ is the symbol of protection. Our business is all about making a difference in the healthy food products industry by ensuring that we serve our customers with wisdom.