History of

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs have been used since humans have walked this earth. Early humans were hunters and farmers and in order to survive in those times, they had to use the nature and its environment to their advantage. They tested different plants and found how some had special healing and strengthening qualities while some were toxic.

It was through these ancient discoveries in China that the people of that region have come up with thousands of herbal medicines that can prove beneficial and effective against various diseases and ailments. These herbs have been combined in different forms and quantities to help people deal with their complaints.

As the word of mouth about the health benefits of Traditional Chinese Herbs spreads, health gurus and herbalists over the world have started to recommend and prescribe these herbs for their patients. With more studies being conducted, the positive health benefits of Traditional Chinese Herbs just keep pouring in from all corners of the world.

Owlvest’s Traditional

Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a part of something the Chinese call, the Yin and Yang. This means that a force needs an equal and opposing force to stay in balance. These herbs are given to the person to restore balance inside the person’s body. If there is a disease that is affecting the person, an herbal formula is prescribed to counter that disease and restore balance to the body.

We have started incorporating these herbs as one of the healthy ingredients in our food items. A Traditional Chinese Herb formula has been found to be at more powerful at treating ailments than herbs that are given separately.

Owlvest’s Chinese herbs can help in maintaining or improving your health. Chinese herbs have been used by the people of China for thousands of years. The people there have incorporated these herbs in their lives on a regular basis and it remains as the most popular method of treating ailments to this day.

The Chinese Herbal medicine system is quite different than traditional western medicine. These herbs are given to equalize the imbalance of energy inside the body. There are a lot of different Chinese herbs you can buy, each has its own unique property.

Owlvest gives you Traditional Chinese herbs in their raw form to preserve the ‘health beneficial’ natural ingredients found in those herbs. The body may not

always receive the required minerals from your regular diets, which is why Owl Vest gives you Chinese Herbs to give your cells the required tools to heal and maintain.

Owlvest’s Chinese Herbs can be used externally and internally. For example, nutmeg medicated oil can be applied to soothe muscle aches and pains, relieve neuralgia and rheumatic pains, whereas other herbs like ginseng can be boiled and consumed.