A Brief Background


Owl Vest’s Mr. Oats originates from the mountainous and historic lands of Scotland. Known to best grow in temperate zones, oats are not tolerant of hot weathers and summers though they are best grown in cold and rainy regions. This makes Scotland the best place for importing the oats to make Mr. Oats.Oats have been extensively grown in different parts of Europe since centuries. Mass cultivation began in the 18th and 19th century. Even though oats have been a part of Scottish culture before these times, their mass production did not start till later. Oats are cheap and easy to grow and process, all the while offering incredible health benefits and nutrition for the people.

Health Benefits


Mr. Oats contains oat bran packed with vital nutrients and minerals for the human body. Oat bran has 20% more beta glucan when compared to simple oats. Full of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats, Mr. Oats is the superfood to give you the power to accomplish anything you aim for. The health benefits you and your family can benefit from are as follows:

Promotes Heart Health

Helps Control Diabetes

The minerals and nutrients in Mr. Oats help prevent the hardening of arteries and weakening of the heart. These are two of the most important roles Mr. Oats plays to promote your heart’s health. Researchers around the world have discovered that people who consume 2 to 3 scoops a day have a significantly lower chance of heart related issues than those who don’t.

Research has shown oats to be effective against type-2-diabetes. Unlike most oats, Mr. Oats packs high levels of soluble fibre. These abundant fibres are the best performers as they make the person feel full, resulting in a lower consumption of food. The nutrients and minerals keep the body nutritionally well sated by improving digestion, hence lowering the risk of diabetes.

Helps Fight Obesity

Prevents Haemorrhoids

Other than high amounts of fibre, Mr. Oats also contains vitamin B6, vitamin K, vitamin E, zinc, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron. Daily consumption of Mr. Oats ensures that all these nutrients and minerals work together to enhance the body’s natural process of Lipolysis, effective continuation of the metabolism of fat deposits and promoting fat loss, which ensures the reduction in obesity.

Mr. Oats has the highest fibre content of all food products, the most essential and natural nutrient in the world. When you consume Mr. Oats, the fibre improves your body’s bowel movements, allowing the easy movement of the stool and preventing any damage to your organs. Mr. Oats comes with a whole battalion of these protective nutrients and fibres that get to work ASAP and ease the pressure exerted on the blood vessels around the rectum.

Fights Cancer

Good for Hypertension

Because Mr. Oats is packed with essential nutrients and minerals, it has the nutrients that can help fight cancer causing cells. Mr. Oats has the ability to absorb the toxins inside the body. These nutrients and minerals may aid the body in its natural process of inhibiting the growth of mutated cells.

Also known as the silent killer, hypertension is a medical condition that is known to give no warning signs or symptoms. It does not give the slightest clue whether the person has it or not. This condition can be rectified by consuming Mr. Oats on a regular basis to ensure that your blood pressure stays normal.

Reduces Cholesterol

Improves Antioxidant Activity

Oat bran has also shown to reduce cholesterol but Mr. Oats takes things a step further. As cholesterol is also essential for a healthy body, Owl Vest’s Mr Oats only does its work on the bad cholesterol while helping the good cholesterol grow. This helps in preventing the blockage of blood and hardening of the arteries in the heart.

Owlvest’s Oat bran has a good concentration of antioxidants, which it gets from the vitamins. The most essential and natural being phytic acid, phenolic compounds, flavonoids and sterols. These can be effective at fighting the free radicals inside the body.

Good for the Skin

The free radicals can also stress out and damage the skin. The antioxidants in Mr. Oats fight these free radicals in the skin to prevent you from looking older than your current age. Mr. Oats protects the skin and helps prevent the damage done to the outer and inner layers of the skin.

For years oats have been benefiting the people of Scotland and Europe. Now that Owlvest is making it easy for you to get this amazing food, it is time for you to start benefiting from the numerous health benefits of oats with our flagship product, Mr. Oats.